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The Fangirl in Me

Seeing as I now actually have people following my Tumblr who don’t know me, I somehow feel the need to explain some things. And with ‘some things’ I mostly mean my fangirling habits.

The important thing about that being: I’m a binge watcher. That hasn’t always been the case, but by now I really hate having to wait for new episodes of shows I watch. One per week is not enough. This is the reason why I usually wait until a season is finished before I watch it. At which point it may happen that I watch over 20 episodes in two weeks. Or even a whole damn series in one to two months, as was the case with Numb3rs or Criminal Minds. (Let’s not even mention CSI, shall we?)

The thing is, you will very easily recognize which show I am at that particular moment in time obsessed with watching, because everything else will most likely fall by the wayside. If you start following me because I blog about a certain show or person, don’t be surprised when I won’t even mention it again a month later. Chances are I’ve moved on to the next one.

That doesn’t mean I won’t ever start blogging about it again, just that there will be long periods in between.

…right. Just wanted to clear that up. Carry on.